I ate

(10.06.2012 - 8:48 pm)

And on the twelfth day he ate.

I had smelled them cooking for the better part of the afternoon. Even from the length of the entire house where I've tried to hide myself from the kitchen and the sounds, smells and sights of food, the smells of the sliced potatoes (Think healthy french fries) baking in the oven wafted down the hallway just to tease me. I walked into the kitchen and made my Slim-Fast drink and ducked out as quickly as I could, but I fear the damage was done, the smell was permeated into my mind. I listened to them eat while I tried to make the slim fast last as well as look like a steak dinner. I did ok.
An hour ago I went to pour a glass of soda and behold, the oven tray of tender baked potatoes had been left out! *gasp* I stared at them, my weakness, one of my very favorite foods in the world, just sitting within inches of my grasp. I lost. Fast is over. I mean, all I got was about six or eight, but officially, I have eaten solid food. Strangely enough, I feel horribly guilty.

I phoned a former colleague about employment for HRM. He seemed rather keen about the idea of getting us both eventually, me as soon as I have my health card again. I think we will work things out soon and get her started. So that's good, despite it being strange working for someone after being the boss for so many years. Really it doesn't matter, we've got to do something, all our money is gone now, and the bills keep right on coming in. It's just that we so wanted to be through with driving and being gone for a week at a time.

It was pouring out today, so, no walking I'm afraid. Wish I could tell you about some productive project I worked on today, but I basically spent it being uber lazy.

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